Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apropos Pejic


The Concept Store

Celebrity model Andrej Pejic is back to his old tricks: this time he's modelling ladies-wear for the German store Apropos.

He's been labelled as a "femiman", some new breed of ultra-feminine men who's effeminacy borders transsexualism. 
But I also think that he definitely qualifies as an extreme New Male, one who takes his unprejudiced conduct to the utmost degree.  

Apropos-Magazin mit Toni, Niklas und Andrej

Such uttermost ladylikeness is not for everyone, of course (not even for every female). 
But his example might show to some of us that there's nothing wrong about a man carrying a purse, or wearing high-heeled shoes.




  1. I also agree with you. There is nothing tastes better than light and soft wear clothes like skirts, dresses, pants and all more the feminine universe. It is very prejudiced society impose such restrictions!