Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Street Fashion: US, France, Germany

Street Fashion at it's best: not models on the runways, but rather normal guys on the streets displaying alternative fashions. After all, we as consumers are the real trend setters! 

The guy above is not only wearing a nice, classic denim-skirt, but also a ruffled top. I'd say the results are quite stylish and balanced. He doesn't look as a "cross-dresser" to me, just as a dude in a skirt.

Anyways, he was quoted as feeling "liberated from social anxiety and the fear of what negative things other people may think of me. By being free from the fear of criticism, I will be more empowered in many areas of my life"

Good for him!

As for these guys, they look quite macho in their very manly kilts, don't you think? 

The same cannot be said about Richie Nickel below. He seems to be intentionally challenging conventional gender stereotypes by wearing a pair of beautiful Balenciaga heels.

Another such fashionista: Jean Paul Paula in the streets of Paris

Last, but not least, these German kids most probably shouldn't be called "free-stylers". My bet is that they are wearing their sister's skirts just as a naughty prank. 
At all events, they seem to be enjoying themselves. And, who knows? Having felt the comfort and freedom of wearing a skirt, as grownups they might become less judgemental about men wearing unusual garments, or they might even consider including some skirts as part of their own wardrobe.


  1. Yes, that's it! Most of the women wear trousers, why shouldn't men wear skirts? The pictures shows that its possible.

  2. That's right, Jürgen. Why shouldn't we? So go for it!

  3. Well these are certainly very welcome photos. I hope that they are part of a gradually growing trend. It's interesting how things can change. There was a time when a man wearing earrings was considered way out of the mainstream. It was strictly female only. Now football players routinely wear them. Fortunately there are always brave individuals willing to be the leaders in making acceptable what was once taboo.

  4. I love the denim skirt! I don't know why more men aren't trying this look instead of shorts :)

    I'd lose the ruffled top though,but otherwise great look (in the first pic)

  5. Man müsste mehr den Rock in der Öffentlichkeit für den Mann präsentieren. Hier sind Röcke gefragt, die man auch täglich tragen kann. Der Mann ist praktisch eingestellt und nicht wie eine Frau auf ein Teil des Rockes fixiert.

    Die Modeindustrie, wie auch die Modemacher sollten hier mal etwas mehr Mut zeigen.

  6. Thanks for the comment. Should I understand that you're the same German friend who just commented on men skirts looking unnecessarily feminine? (At http://newmalefashion.blogspot.com/2010/09/bloggers-update-joey.html)

    Well yes: the kilts in this pic do look quite manly. My bet is that they'd look masculine even when worn by a woman!
    And I agree: fashion designers and the fashion industry in general should show more boldness and courage. Of course I agree! After all, that's what this blog is all about!
    Thanks for the comment, and again, please use English if possible. As you may see, I do have a grasp of German, but I'm afraid not all my readers do. Thank you again, und Viel Spaß!